The Unpardonable Crime of Dr. Tahir ul Qadri

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So much for the PPP TV advertisements about the shining Sindh.

The below given extracts are from a letter of Mr. Hashim Abro, published on 4 January, 2013 in the daily “Pakistan Observer”.

This letter must be an eye opener for ALL the Pakistani ruling elites, including major & minor political parties, who are unable to digest the un-precedented public support, Allama Dr. Tahir ul Qadri, is getting for his slogan of CHANGE.

One thing is for sure that this mammoth public support, may or may not be for the personality, charisma or oratory of Allama Dr. Tahir ul Qadri, but definitely, its against the callousness of the incumbent government; which not only deprived the general public from the safety and security of their lives and property, but even snatched the basics of daily life from the teeming millions, like food, health (people are dying in hordes, almost daily, due to measles and spurious medicines), electricity, gas and CNG. Obviously, under these miserable living conditions, mention of education as basic human right, looks like a joke in Pakistan.

Suicides due to economic hardships, have become order of the day in Pakistan.

However, it was HARAM on the government to impose austerity measures to save few pennies to give any sort of relief to the poor.

And now, the politicians are advising the poor suffering masses of Pakistan, to support the old system against Allama Dr. Tahir ul Qadri, who has taken up cudgels, to free them from all the exploitations of the corrupt politicians.


“Shockingly, the reliable statistics from a few research organizations and NGOs reveal that every day more than a dozen people of all age group, particularly, young people, somewhere in the upper and lower regions of the province, attempt suicide. This makes suicide the third major cause of death, after prevalent diseases, tribal killings and honour killings. The gone year was the worst year in which a huge number of Sindhi youth committed suicides. Only a few were reported but numerous were unreported due to fear and terror of police.”

Hope the above explicitly explains the answers, why the general masses wants to get rid of this decadent system in Pakistan, which only gives disease, hunger and death to the poor.

However, the Pakistani ruling elite is still living in a state of denial, like the French Princess; and are continuously trying to befool the people, with media advertisement campaigns worth billions of Rupees, to make them believe that canals of milk and honey are overflowing in Pakistan, as a result of their five years GOLDEN rule.